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Storage Case (8x4x1)

Model #: FLB6654YB

Price:  $7.00

Choose Probe Size From Drop Downs:
Female Probes
Male Probes

Alligator Clip Probe Set

Model #: 300-08051

Price:  $10.00/Package of 2

Product Information:

  • Offers technicians the ability to conduct circuitry testing on any connector.
  • Each flexible probe plugs onto standard banana jack test leads for ease of use with all automotive meters.
  • Male and female probes

Ford Flexible Probe Kit - Replacement Probes and Accessories 

Model #: 300-080XX (Various)

Price:  $20.00/Package of 4

Stackable Banana Test Lead Set (4'Length)

Model #: 300-08075

Price:  $15.00/Package of 2